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The Urban Hangout Magazine is all about the culture of hip-hop. I had the chance to ask the owner Joe a few questions to find out how he can become a resource for the underground hip-hop community.  Find out what he had to say!
Ms. Wells:  Thanks for taking the time out to answer a few questions for me! Let’s start off by telling the people who you are and where you are located?
Urban Hangout Magazine: I’m Joe, I like to introduce my self as Urban Hangout Magazine when doing business though. I’m a young entrepreneur, from Shelbyville, TN living in Murfreesboro, TN currently.
Ms. Wells: Cool that isn’t far from Nashville at all.  So what inspired you to get into the magazine business and how long have you been doing it?
Urban Hangout Magazine: I was inspired by my love for Hip-Hop music, and the art of the culture. I have been involved with Hip-Hop for 15 years and I just recently found that I fit best working with the magazine in the past 3 years.
Ms. Wells: Sometimes it takes trying a variety of different things before you find the one thing that works the best for you.  What type of content does your magazine feature and what type of readers are normally drawn to it?
Urban Hangout Magazine: The magazine contains Urban content & everything that relates to the culture. I’m looking to touch on many avenues outside of just musicians. I mean from models, athletes, skateboarding, & people who feel they are apart of that culture. I want to make readers feel comfortable like they can go to our magazine and have a variety of culture, in an uncut fashion with no B’s.
Ms. Wells: And how do people go about getting featured and what is the rate for placement?
Urban Hangout Magazine: ‎If your serious about your career or whatever it is your doing contact us, we do have a set rate but willing to work with budgets. A closed mouth = a starving individual.
Ms. Wells:  Ya’ll heard the man!  If you are looking for a new platform to feature some of your work contact him for placement opportunities.  He is willing to work with you!  Leave your contact information for everyone so they know how to find you.
Urban Hangout Magazine: You can contact us by email urbanhangoutmag@gmail.com subject the message Magazine Feature, leave a description of yourself, and a phone contact.
Ms. Wells:  Great! Contact Joe for opportunities on getting your work out there.  Huge thank you for taking the time out to speak with me and I look forward to seeing some of your work soon!

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