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Ms. Wells: Thank you for taking the time out to answer a few questions for the readers of the Let Ms. Wells Tell It blog!  We’ll start with getting some pretty basic information.  Tell the people who you are and where you are located!
Slick Mike: My name is Michael Anderson aka Slick Mike I’m located in Nashville, TN. I’m CEO of HardHitter Entertainment and President of Off Top Records.
Ms. Wells: A lot of people turn to music for a variety of reasons. How long have you ben in the industry and what you do in it? Also touch on what inspired you to become a part of it.
Slick Mike: I’ve been in the music and entertainment business for ten years I became an artist manager for nine years became the president of Off Top Records last April became CEO of HardHitter Entertainment last May.  There are three people that I looked up. First it was my uncle Walt D who was one of the first hip hop acts in Nashville back in 1980s with the Blow Pop Crew, second was my father who has his own car detail business in south Nashville and, finally my mom who encouraged me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.
Ms. Wells:  It’s dope that you had family that encouraged you to go for your dreams and people that can have paved a pathway for you to make it happen. So what is the primary goal you are focused on accomplishing with your business at this point?
Slick Mike: My primary goal is to be the #1 independent label in the state of Tennessee and focus on working with every artist that is on both labels to make their career successful.
Ms. Wells:  Is their a certain type of clientele that you are looking to work with?
Slick Mike:  I want to attract new artists that haven’t been in the music industry and want to learn how to the music business works.
Ms. Wells:  We definitely need more people getting our artists up and going properly so it’s good that you are willing to build with newcomers.  Who are some of the people that you have worked with in the past or are currently working with?
Slick Mike: I’ve worked with a lot former artists, producers, songwriters and publishers that taught me how music business works and I’m currently working with Sky Blacke who is the CEO of Off Top Records, Jessakay who is the VP of Productions of Off Top Records, Denzel Jackson aka Denzel Marsail who is the President of HardHitter Entertainment, Songwriters Xpression Ent and my artists from both labels Problem Child, Polo Treal, Terry Jay, and Clonka.
Ms. Wells: And once you break mainstream who are some of those artists are business professionals that you are looking to connect with?
Slick Mike:I want to work with is Diddy, the Sharks Daymond John and Mark Cuban in the near future but I’ll still want to do business in Nashville and other cities as well.
Ms. Wells:  Just from the selection of people that you want to work with I can tell that you are a man about your business.  Well provide you contact information for people to be able to contact you to find more out your services and book some time with you.
Slick Mike: If anyone needs services for studio, promotions, photography, radio time, clothing and performance in the Nashville area they can contact me at 615-878-7898.
Ms. Wells:  And where can they find you on social media? That way people can follow you and your movement.
Slick Mike: If you on social media look me up on Facebook-Michael Anderson andHardHitter Entertainment. Instagram-@slickmike28 and @hardhitter_2003Twitter-@slickmike28 and @Hardhitter2003.
Ms. Wells:  Again Slick Mike thank you for just taking the time out to tell the people a little about who you are and what you are doing in Nashville’s Urban Music division.  Ya’ll make sure to follow him on social media and contact him for your needs today!
Slick Mike: Always work with the people that knows the industry that can take you rcareer to the next level because you don’t want to work with someone that doesn’t know what they are doing.In this industry if you ain’t success you ain’t nothing.


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