Nashville Legend Lil Vac says, “Take Your Craft Serious, or They Won’t Either.”

Ms. Wells:  Although you are a Nashville legend introduce yourself to the people. Who are you and were did you come from?
Lil Vac: I’m Lil Vac from Southside Edgehill Projects–Cashville Tennessee ‼️1/3 of da Superstar Group Bezzeled 💎 GVNG 💥 #BANG
Ms.Wells: And how old were you when you entered the music industry and what inspired you to do it?
Lil Vac: I started rapping when I was 12 in the 8th grade, it started with a project from class…  and when I turned 13 we made our 1st CD as B.O.P. …. and when I turned 14 I made “South We Ballin” and that’s when I knew that’s what I wanted to do…… My inspiration was music itself my dad listened to a lot of UGK, 8 ball & MJG, Spice -1 , N.W.A , 2 Pac so I heard that…. And you know I was REALLY actually understanding at the age of 12 and 13. That was the No Limit and Hot Boys days so that was a HUGE inspiration for me as an artist also.  My mom listened to slow jams like Mary J, SWV, XScape, R.Kelly, Jodeci I can go on and on but you get what I’m saying……
 Ms. Wells: That’s super dope that at a young age you were able to find what takes some people a life time. Your purpose.  During the building of your name and success what are some of the hard knock lessons you learned? And looking back now how did those lessons make you better later down the line?
Lil Vac: Lessons I’ve learned would be to don’t always listen and get tricked by things people SAY they gone do, act off action cause a lot of people is out for money… made me better cause now I know to go get it on your own.
Ms. Wells: Let’s talk about Bezzled Gang for a moment. How was the experience working in a group? What would you say was the best part of the situation and the worst?
Lil Vac: Don’t forget the other E 😂😂 “Bezzeled” …. well we still together I see you put “How was” instead of “How Is”.. the experience is a ride but you know your family before anything so it’s ups and downs, differences and all but you know it’s great, it’s Real Love for my brothers.. I don’t see a worst besides agreeing who’s gonna do the hook 😂😂
Ms Wells: Lol my bad on that and the record is set straight.  Talk about coming out of a group and working as a solo artist at the moment, how was the transition and how has the experience been so far?
Lil Vac: Wasn’t really ah transition besides doing more verses, we’ve (Bezzeledgang) always been individuals on all the songs, jus didn’t do solo cds.. and I , along with the rest of gang thought it was time to give our fans our solo effort also along with group projects. The experience has been great though–connecting with fans on a different level now, I feel as if I can be more creative now–no boundaries.
Ms. Wells: Are there any talks of a new Bezzeled Gang project? I’m sure the people are wanting to know.
Lil Vac: Of course, BIG BANG THEORY 3 coming ASAP… Me and Cali have a group project coming also titled “Green Hills Thuggin” so yea we got plenty in the way.
Ms. Wells: Alright as someone that has been in and around the Nashville’s music scene for so long, what strengths and weaknesses do you see in the Music and Entertainment Industry? Do you believe it can become known for another genre outside of country? And touch on how you blended hip hop and country with the Die Young record that had samples of The Band Perry on it. A lot of people didn’t give Bezzeled Gang enough credit for that.
Lil Vac: It’s always room for improvement–but I see it getting stronger and stronger by the day. The collaborative effort and the relationships are growing tremendously and that’s the start of something great.. it’s so much talent here besides country, it’s just gonna take that 1 and the top is going to blow on Cashville and then the world will see what they’ve been missing….. S/O to my bro SykSense Super-Producer.. he gave us the beat for Die Young and I told Cali that this is the one!! Me not knowing… it ended up being that one.The Band Perry was in Nashville during this time and doing my research I knew it was gonna be crazy but yea go check that video out it’s super dope!

Ms. Wells:  Was there ever a time you considered walking away from the music? If so tell us a little about it and what kept you pushing and involved. If not tell us about how your passion for the craft helped you bypass that.
Lil Vac: It was never a time–this music is something I have a passion for, a love for–you just don’t give up on your love.. it’s like my therapist I get in the booth and let it all out ya know.
Ms. Wells:  Your love for it truly shows. With the time you’ve put into the industry with the group Bezzeled Gang (this time I didn’t forget the E 😂) and time you’ve invested on giving the people solo work….what advice do you give to the new comers, out of towners, and over all fans of yours and the groups about the industry and life in general?
Lil Vac: You have to keep pushing never give up if it’s something you truly love.. take your craft serious… cause if you don’t they won’t either.
Ms. Wells: With the hot collaboration King Ghidorah that yourself, LRoy Da Boy, and Lil Murda did still going hard, what’s next? How did that masterpiece even come about? Do you ever see yourself branching out into any acting or behind the scenes work?
Lil Vac: Next I’m working on Me and Cali group project called “Green Hills Thuggin”–I’m working on TF2 (Tiara Fly 2) and we also working on the group project Big Bang Theory 3 so it’s plenty to come end of 2017 beginning 2018….. The King Ghidorah project was L Roy idea he was like bro let’s just get some work in so we began making songs and about the 2nd song I was like ” what we doing” cause this shit is hot and we went from there..I see myself doing everything I can possibly do, I love music so none of that is out of the question #Cashville
Ms. Wells:  I appreciate you taking the time out and talking with me and telling the people about your journey in the Nashville Music industry.  17 years later and the fire in each verse that you drop is still present.  I look forward to banging your upcoming work and seeing just what else you are going to do involving the Music and Entertainment arena. The city appreciates your dedication and belief that all it will take is that One and everybody gets in.  Go follow Lil Vac on IG  and Facebook @BezzeledGang and for booking opportunities reach out to him at  And check out that Green Hills Thuggin’ directed by none other than Charles M. Robinson that directs majority of Bezzeled Gang’s work.

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