Nashville has Grown @ss Ninja Turtles? Yes.. They Do.

Ms. Wells: Thank you for taking the time to talk with me!  Let’s get right into it… tell the people who you are, what inspired you guys to do music, and what you are about.
T-Que The Hurricane: I AM Tequan Daly from Nashville, TN. My oldest friends know me as T Daly, I gave TQ out so I could know the difference between people who knew me or not when I went to MTSU. Hurricane was bestowed upon by fraternal birth. I don’t have any gimmicks or tricks, I AM just what and who I am. T-Que the Hurricane. Besides the resume people will customarily give I want you to know that I am merely a vessel traveling through this world aiming to put as much good energy on the earth I can. Some efforts are for my overall mission, some are to make amends for my past decisions. But all are for my creator God who is in me and guides path. Musically there is a space and time for everyone who makes a contribution if the motive for the creation is pure. Music is an art as well as a science and those who care about the craft overall usually end up in people’s playlists. My music and sound is unique it always has been, but the content and messages have grown with my personal journey. Basically, from me now is no calling women Bitches, no calling my people nigga, and rarely using profanity are my tenants. So, I build personal stories and situations and personified ones to appeal around using vocabulary to express myself. I challenge myself and write difficult word patterns to push myself and always give you my all on any track. That is me. I’m pursuing a master’s degree in mental health counseling and addictions counseling so I can help people like myself. I’m a little off and its intriguing to me. So, learning me can help me to help others.
Jitsu Gaiden: My mother named me Jermaine Dave, but to the world I am Jitsu Gaiden. Im a humble guy with aggressive desires. A southern gentleman, thus I pledged Que. Becoming a man of Omega Psi Phi molded me into the aspiring artist that I am today. I come from a small town called Bridgeport, Alabama, but I represent the 615 everywhere I go. I always had passion for music growing up. I was inspired by artist such as Michael Jackson, Biggie, Juicy J, Waka Flocka and Wiz Khalifa. I started pushing my music in 2014 when I dropped my first album which I exclusively produced, “The Fast Life”. Then I dropped my second album “Doped OWT” in 2016. With features from Beeks Vybe, JohnnyBoiWonder, Tra Norwood, and Evan Dupri. I love making music, because it’s a way for me to get my message heard. I also wanted to create something to make people feel alive. But most importantly I want to use my music to bring peace and love by bringing different diversities together. Which in fact brings us to the Frequent Flyers Lifestyle. Frequent Flyers is a group of individuals that believe in team work and also promotes positivity, creativity, and relativity. I Never thought growing up I would be a influencer, but after I started chasing my dreams, I started to inspire others. I’ve always been the under dog or the most improved growing up. So I want to motivate others to persevere in life, so that they can achieve any aspiration that they put their mind to.
Ms. Wells: Very interested and deep.  I like the perspective you two come from.  It says a lot about each one of you as an individual and as a group. How did you guys decide to come together and work?
Jitsue Gaiden: T-Que is my fraternal brother so naturally a friend helps a friend. It just So happened T-Que has a passion for the music industry and he basically took on the roll to manage me as an artist under the Frequent Flyers Label. I needed help on how to connect and make an impact in Nashville’s music scene , so he came up with the ingredients for the “Grown @$$ Mutant Ninja Turtles” album. With his old school sauce, my far east seasoning, and our southern flavor, we definitely baked up an inspiring experience with this album.
T- Que The Hurricane: Having built a pretty solid knowledge base and network over a 15-year career and having a younger brother that is traveling down his bridge, it was my duty to be a bridge builder and make it easier for him to cross. If I can pour years’ worth of trial and error into advice and save my bro a few years I would do it in a heartbeat. This translated into actual artist management for Frequent Flyers Lifestyle Inc. My brother now artist is from a town outside of Nashville and the city has to know his name and him to be able to properly build the solid buzz that we want to accomplish. Not only did it spark a recording and production frenzy of Nashville sound, but media outlets, shows, collaboration projects, everything in fast forward. The idea was conjured to create a collaborative project to capture a wider demographic of fans and listeners for Jitsu. I would have a decade older crowd hearing him that may not have and vice versa with his demographic of fans. The ultimate idea was to create a project to let the ville know who he is, and for him to know who the ville is. “Networking is essential to the Goal”. GAMNT was thought of to add to Jitsu’s oriental eastern theme and personality. I’m an old school fan of cartoons and thought the marketing would be very interesting. We decided to have a organic Nashville recording sound and went with Chanz Farmer to track and mix us. I shot from middle Georgia and we created the project in 3 days and left the magic to our engineer. Tony Delano really came through with the artwork as he always does. I have never released a project without his work so I sought him out for the future of the company. Relationships are good and love is always in the center of my creative nature. The universe lined up two sets of my childhood friends as restaurant owners. I wanted them included in the artwork and we made it happen to pay homage to them. The hard copies of the cd’s will be available at slim-n-huskys pizza beeria and fannie maes exlusively as well. So we came together to have a project to center a marketing push of many levels. Also to showcase our in- house producer who is remarkable named JohnnyBoiWonder and sounds from the great Hot Rod, both solid producers from Memphis,Tn. This is the level of the plan that many can understand.
Ms. Wells:  Yeah, it makes sense how you two just flow so well together on the G.A.M.N.T project and from a marketing standpoint, it makes sense.  You want to be able to connect with all people.  How long have you been doing music separately and together?
T Que The Hurricane: I released my first album in 2007 my senior year last semester of college. I released it under my own company label Higher Echelon. I started writing seriously when I was 19 years old. I made it a business to legitimately encompass the music realm and be able to build it for longevity. My album is available on every music site on earth and my first mixtape I released was a Southern Ent Award hit and raised thousands for Sickle cell anemia in 2011.
Jitsu Gaiden: I’ve pushing independent for about 3 years and we started doing music together for over a year now.
Ms. Wells:  One of the main reasons I like to do these type of pieces for the readers is because they highlight individuals that pushed through and invested time and energy into their craft.  That is something that helps you guys and a small group of others stand out.  Can you talk about some of the challenges that you guys have faced with building your brand and business?
Jitsu Gaiden: The biggest challenge has been life. Overcoming adversity and sticking to the mission. But with T-Que’s knowledge and my tenacity we’ve been able to have faith and everything at the end just works out for the greater good.
T-Que The Hurricane:  Our trust and faith in one another has always been there. The challenges that have been most prevalent are the ones within ourselves and schedules. The fact that we live in totally different states makes communication paramount and takes extra initiative. But building a brand artistically has been overcome recently with tony Delano and putting our visions into tangible visuals. Our logos are into formation. But a brand is as good as its push to market it. The largest challenge now that we have a new product is to put it in the right positions to get it to the masses that we cannot reach.
Ms. Wells:  What are some of the things that you did to overcome the obstacles to keep pushing through?
Juitsu Gaiden: Faith in God first and foremost has made this journey easier, but faith in each other has definitely built on our brother hood and friendship. But communication with each other and holding ourselves accountable key to overcoming and challenges.
T – Que The Hurricane:  Frequent communication and proper delegation of tasks and sacrifice. Taking time you would be resting or doing something else to fulfil the things that are needed to do to make your dream a reality. Prayer and always showing love and serving and promoting others have come back 10 fold to aid in our endeavors.
Ms. Wells:  It’s dope how it’s trust there.  Not just among each other but also in God.  That’s rare these days.  So after listening to your project  Grown @ss Ninja Turtle I wanted to find out if there is a target market you feel your music is geared towards or is it written for the people in general?
T- Que The Hurricane: The beauty of our collaborative efforts is that we have a decade apart in age. This is complimentary because target markets become spread and immersed. Jitsu has a following of stoners, hipsters, retro hip hopers, anime lovers, psychedelic drug users, west cost vibers. His sound is so West coast its amazing to me. My demographic would come from my fan base people who grew up in the 80’s and grew up on the Master P indy grind, then saw cash money, and so on. The group that had pac’s tapes, and bones tapes. This means the content of the music must be balanced to appeal to that wide range. The fact that it’s a concept album in itself makes it rare because no one is doing them. My content is based on my growth and should bare something to help someone that’s a peer or younger. Jitsu is giving his real life that I personally vouch for in a flavor that is proven effective. Him being on a college campus and having that fan base is valuable as well. This is the most experimental phase of peoples lives. Fun is paramount and he does a great job of creating the fun atmosphere.
Jitsu Gaiden: My music is geared to all the dreamers in the world. But, definitely the hipsters, geeks, and the thugs gonna feel my sound.
Ms. Wells:  Everyone has a motive as to why they are grinding as hard as they are. What are your hopes on this journey? Where are you trying to go with things?
Jitsu Gaiden: I’m hoping to create a relationship with the listeners of Nashville and to gain the respect of all the people in the industry that in the city. But with the quality of this project, it definitely has the potential to go world wide!
T- Que The Hurricane: Well we have some ninja secrets up our sleeves and rolling out this project was the beginning play to a detailed chess game. Jitsu has a goal to be on the freshman cover of XXL and it’s my goal to provide the support to get him there. Making a masterpiece in itself is a accomplishment that we relish but the challenge and reward will come from our constant push to expand. The frequent flyers tv channel on you tube is full of interpersonal looks into our brand and lifestyle. Jitsu just launched his day-to-day episodes that will be mixed with his personal journeys and the visuals to our artwork will be a steady contribution to the world.
Ms. Wells:  I watched one of those episodes and I thought that was cool how he gives back.  I also gotta shout ya’ll out for the huge donation that you guys made to the Diamond in the Ruff’s Free Clothes Drive. Talk about some of the community initiatives that you guys have been involved in and why is that important to you.
T- Que The Hurricane:  Being Ques conditions us to always help others around us. Please I encourage everyone to not just read this but see this. Go to the Frequent Flyers Tv youtube channel and check out the episode titled “The TQ toy Drive”. For my latest birthday we wanted kids to have fun and toys. We were able to give over 30 kids toys with the help of the community as well. Positive energy is Gods work and we aim to do it.
Ms. Wells:  Those kids were so happy getting that stuff!  That’s was a great way to give back.  What’s your current project out and the concept behind it? Where do we find it at?
T- Que The Hurricane: Our Current project is called “Grown @$$ Mutant Ninja Turtles” Secret of the Snooze: Stop Sleepin on Us. The concept album is available on and We encourage the digital copies be bought before we move it to all platforms like itunes and google play etc. Right now $3 of every sale goes to a variety of community aid and organizations to help the urban community. The hard copies can be ordered on the websites or on exclusively in Nashville at Slim n Huskeys Pizza Beeria and Fanie Maes resturaunt. The concept was 90’s atmosphere with eastern sounds with southern flavor. The album tells a story and even explains what happened with Master Splinter from the Original turtles. Get that album and enjoy. Plenty of good messages in each song.

Ms. Wells:  I really appreciate ya’ll talking with me and educating us on who you are and what you are out here doing.  Tell the people how to follow your movement and find you on social media.  Press play and check out the newest project from these two with visuals for their singles coming soon!
T – Que The Hurricane:   I can be found @fourthlyfe on IG and  on Twitter @cashvilesweathr….Jitsu Gaiden can be found on both Facebook and Twitter @jitsugaiden.  The company website is and the album and other music is avail on. Booking is through and

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