L Roy Da Boy is Breaking Cycles in the Nashville Market

I had the opportunity of sitting down with the artist L Roy Da Boy to talk with him about his upcoming sold out show called Break The Cycle  that is going to be held on August 13, 2017 in Nashville, TN and to tell you just what he has been up to this summer…. check it out!
Ms. Wells: First, thank you for taking the time to talk with me! Let’s get started….  Introduce yourself to the people. Tell them who you are, where you are located, and how long you have been doing this?
 L Roy Da Boy: I am L Roy Da Boy, born and raised in East Nashville, TN.  I’ve been doing music for 10+ years and my first debut mixtape was in 2005 entitle “Caution”.  Break the Cycle is my 9th project in my catalog which I completed and dropped March of 2017.  I have already followed that up with my 10th project which was entitled King Ghidorah which dropped July of 2017.
Ms. Wells: What influenced this project and what message are you trying to get across with it?
 L Roy Da Boy: Life itself gave me the idea for the project.  The past year was a rough one for me, mentally.  It was one of those situations where you look at yourself and tell yourself you can do better and have more but your are holding your own self up.  I knew that in order to get things how I wanted them to be I had to Break the Cycle.  Like I’ve been telling everyone, we been going through things one way all this time and still haven’t made it to where we want to be.  Everyone knows the same action won’t bring a different result. My aim with this project is to encourage people to do what I did.  Break the Cycle.  I’m in the best space ever in life right now and still have plenty of room left to grow.  This is definitely a project that will touch anyone who is down for change or wants more out of life.
Ms. Wells: Is there a target market that you feel receives you better or do you feel you make content for all people?
 L Roy Da Boy:  I make content for all people and genres but just seeing the reaction of Break the Cycle shows me that this content, reality music, is definitely the kind of music that helps me connect to the crowd the most.  This is where I am most comfortable at because I am speaking on things that are relevant and mean something not just to me but almost anyone.
Ms. Wells: Talk with us a little about your colab with Murda and Lil Vac two other heavy hitting Nashville artists named King Ghidorah.  How did that come into play?
 L Roy Da Boy:  My city lacks togetherness.  It’s no secret.  Majority of the best artists in my city rarely do projects together.  So my aim was to pull random artists together to make records that show we can overcome that and break the cycle with that as well.  The project with Murda and Lil Vac just happened.  And I am glad that it did.  It was an organic situation that just worked well.  After we completed two songs we decided to proceed with the full 8 track project to highlight to the city that working together is a good move and is cool to do.  My goal with that was to be an example and I feel like it accomplished what it set out to do.
Ms. Wells: So now you are well known out here in the streets pretty heavy of Nashville.. give us just a broad overview of some of the work you dropped in the last 6 months? Where do you go from here?
 L Roy Da Boy: Well I started off 2017 releasing  3 singles off the Break the Cycle album, then actually released the Break the Cycle album in March of 2017.  I did a promo tour with the Stepbrothers 3  situation that Don Trip and Starlito had going on.  I was on the road 2.5 months and pressed up over 12,000 copies of this project so far. I’ve released 7 videos off the Break the Cycle album already and 2 off the King Ghidorah project with Murda, Lil Vac, and myself. My plan is to release all 13 videos from the Break the Cycle album by the end of this year along with 2 solo projects as well.
Ms. Wells: Tell the people how to find you on social media, purchase your work, and join your movement.
 L Roy Da Boy:  You can find me @lroydaboy615 on all social media outlets, and my music is on all online outlets like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, ect.
Ms. Wells: L Roy Da Boy, thank you for taking the time out to tell us more about who you are what you are out here in the industry doing.  The Break the Cycle concept and steps for change that you have taken with this project is definitely raising the bar of our expectations for independent artists in the Nashville market.  And we appreciate the positive message that you are using your platform to promote.  It is definitely a breath of fresh air.  We look forward to seeing your sold out show on August 13th, 2017 and telling all the people about it!  Congratulations again and Good luck!!
L Roy Da Boy:  I appreciate that and look forward to seeing you there.


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