B Hen is His Name Promotions is His Game


 Hen is the Ceo of Hen Entertainment who currently resides in Louisville, KY but is originally from Chicago, IL. He is a promoter with one objective: Enhancing everyone’s party experience.  He has been throwing parties for 5 years now because he realized there were to many people standing on the wall and not enough people partying.  So he started taking it back to the old school ways of partying and it has worked for him. He has brought main stream artists and entertainers such as Jeezy, R Kelly,  Mike Epps, Remy Ma, and many more to Louisville, KY arenas too.  He is no one trick pony, he also has a online radio show called Outworkwho and opened up a new office to service artists in the field of management, development, and bringing more major concerts to the city. Keep up with his movement and listen to his show on his free app B Hen Ent on Apple and android phones.   For promotional packages and more follow him on social media at Facebook: Bryan Hen, IG and Twitter: bhen312.






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